Give the floor to your customers!

Your customers' shopping experiences can be varied (traditional store, digital, classic e-commerce or after-sales service, etc.).
For "buying action" to be transformed into "buying experience",
we give the floor to your customers and make their voices a real value.

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Move into driver mode!

Our Barometer allows you to interact with your customers!
It compiles and exploits their impressions in operational indicators.
Recontact dissatisfied customers,
identify areas for improvement,
understand the expectations of your customers,
communicate with your teams,
share with head office and the network!
In a nutshell, become a player in the satisfaction of your customers.


Sustain your actions!

Once you've mastered the customer relationship know-how,
go to the last level successfully: share it!
Post reviews on social networks:
Facebook, review site, Google review
Enrich your CRM continuously
Transmit indicators to top management
And above all, come back to your customers!

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The best solution on the market,
since it's made for you!
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  • Multichannel collection
  • Management of dissatisfied customers
  • Multi-user platform for driving satisfaction
  • Semantic analysis of your customers' accounts
  • Sales force animation tools
  • Collaborative sharing of action plans and good practices
  • Online dissemination of opinions
They trust us

Our fields of intervention are varied.
Discover our customer cases to find out more.

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