The strength of a good partner :
their ability to support you!

MDTC's mission is to help understand customer impressions
to provide corrective actions.

Your problem is specific to you!
it is then a question of finding the right lever, of having previously defined the framework, of understanding the context, of having expressed a goal.
Our response
will be dedicated to your business, taking into account its distinctive features and its operation.
is the difference between imposing a tool / solution and implementing corrective actions.
The purpose
But even more, our strength is to ensure that your business grows over time.

Customer focus can be deployed at all points of contact between the Customer and the brand.

It is this active focus that makes it possible to set up profitable levers at all stages of the customer journey.


What do your target customers and prospects think about your brand? What are the other brands that come to your target's mind, what are their perceived strengths,
what is your ranking in the hearts of your targets?
How to improve your targets' perception of you and optimize your branding and communication strategy?

At this stage we talk about prospective visitors who discover your place of sale off and/or online.
It's about turning this visit into a truly fulfilling shopping experience for the visitor.
The focal points are varied, concerning the offer, price, service and human dimension related to the purchase experience.
Identify expectations, resolve gaps, correct weaknesses and ultimately steer the client towards a genuinely differentiating experience.

The customer has just made their purchase, we measure their on-the-spot satisfaction as close as possible to the act of purchase.
What do your customers feel?
What are the profitable levers and points of friction?
What changes would improve the shopping experience?

An appointment at the hairdresser, a parcel delivery, an unforgettable moment through an experience package, or simply a call to Customer Services...
We are here in the real-world shopping experience. It is the identification of the components of the offer and the customer impression that allows an effective assessment of the customer experience
It is the identification of the components of the offer and the customer impression that leads to an effective assessment of the customer experience
And more than any other issue, it is here that the notion of word of mouth and R.O.I is the strongest.

Product studies have a dual purpose.
First of all, there is the desire to perfect the product, to assess it and to establish modification strategies in order to stay ahead of the market.
But also a major communication strategy , aimed at publishing the customers' impressions of the product, customer reviews or even targeted customer community.
These reviews, collected, moderated and published are a genuine lever for sales growth.


The different possible collection sites for customer focus:

collection by email
collection by sms
collection bay researchers
collection by call-center
Call Center
collection by web site
Web site
collection by panel

Designate your customer experience


Measuring and Analyzing

Listen to your customers as close as possible to their experience, understand their impressions.


Prioritizing and Predicting

Identifying their needs and
prioritizing their expectations


Acting and Optimizing

Set up action plans and opt for continuous improvements.

construction tools

Your profits: our operability!


Le R.O.I

Mastering your environment and targeting and prioritizing Customer expectations will enable you to progress
both in optimizing Customer satisfaction and in
the profitability of your business.



Thanks to customer focus, you establish active surveillance of your market,
by identifying trends in consumption,
but also the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

magnifying glass


Easily monitor contributors to satisfaction and identify effective action plans.
Share best practices with your network and inject momentum into your sales



MDTC is above all an institute with recognized expertise in marketing studies. Our expertise is focused on the implementation of progress levers.